J’adore le français

I seem to be stuck in a Francophile phase at the moment, and it’s come about through a few things. Continue reading

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The weather forecast for today was sleet but when I woke up this morning there was snow on the ground outside!  So here’s the obligatory photos for the first snow of the winter.

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Switzerland travels

I found some draft posts of what Reece and I got up to in Switzerland, so have published them with a few photos.  You’ll find them a bit further down in the list, thought I might as well try to keep everything in chronological order.  Switzerland was so cool, I really want to go back again (and eat cheese every day, haha!).


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Surprise Present

I got home from uni yesterday to find this wooden box on the front doorstep:

Surprise Box

What can it be?

Dad said he was sending me something but the end of his text was chopped off and I couldn’t think of anything this big that I had been wanting.  It took me about 10 minutes to get into it, and when I did… what a lovely surprise!

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Centurion of Portage

Ok first I have to admit I stole the post title from RVA Bike Commuter but I liked it so much!

Here is my new bike which was $80 on trademe:

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Earthquake and Moving Day

On the last day of summer school I managed to complete course approval (about four steps to confirm degree, papers and get a student ID) and find a great flat in Maia (on the way to Port Chalmers) and then I headed back to Christchurch on the Friday to sort out and pack up my stuff that I’d left at Mum and Dad’s house. We arranged to hire a big cargo van to move my furniture and Dad was going to drive it down and help me with everything on Wednesday.
On Tuesday just after lunch he took my car down to the local garage for a WOF and I was home alone when another major earthquake struck. Continue reading

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University of Otago

Here’s some photies

This is one of the main buildings in the old part of the university, across the river from the science block where I've been going for summer school.

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Hacked :(

My blog got hacked and in fixing it I’ve lost the photos. 🙁  Well, I don’t have a recent enough backup of the database from before it was hacked to put them back in, and can’t be bothered doing it manually, so that’s that!

At least I got it up and running again by myself 🙂

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Goodbye Work, Hello University

This afternoon I had orientation for the 3-week Bridging Chemistry summer school course I’m doing at Otago before I start Semester One.  We got our timetable (9am – 3.3opm with an optional tutorial after that) and course outline and the lecturer told us what to expect etc. Continue reading

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Bern in the rain

On Sunday we drove to Bern with Simone and she took us to the Cathedral to get a free map and gave us some tips about what to see before catching the train back to Zurich.  Being Sunday most shops were closed apart from the ones in the mall-type building above the train station.  We looked around those (including the outdoor sports shop!) and then headed out into the city.

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